ent ear nose throat treatment Seven Palms Hospital badlapur mumbai

This department caters to ailments associated with ear, nose and throat and offers a full range of ENT services with a very high standard of care. Our ENT Operation theatres are equipped with the latest operating microscopes, endoscopes, carbon dioxide laser, etc. along with facilities for TV monitoring and video recording of surgical procedures.

We as a hospital have all the procedures and techniques to surgery and medical treatment of such problems perfected to the T. and we work with patients in providing the accurate solution and if required further medication or surgical treatment of the problem is provided in the hospital itself. We work with patients around the clock to provide perfect health of the patient, as the diagnosis of the problem at an early stage is important to the timely detection and cure of the problem.

The problem with Ear, Nose and Throat can be acute if left untreated and can lead to major illness being untreated for a long period of time including cancer and other infections related to the region of body. Most conditions of the ear, nose and throat, however, can be effectively treated or managed.