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Physiotherapy is an important part of treatment for most people with arthritis. It’s run by physiotherapists, who are part of a team of healthcare professionals who help you to resume or maintain an active and independent life both at home and work. They’re experts in assessing movement and can show you how to protect your joints. Your physiotherapist will:

  • Offer advice and reassurance
  • Help you to feel confident about managing your condition
  • Address any concerns or uncertainties
  • Set appropriate goals to keep you as active as possible.

Physiotherapy treatment for:

  • Preventing injury and disability.
  • Managing acute and chronic conditions.
  • Improving and maintaining optimal physical performance.
  • Rehabilitating injury and the effects of disease or disability.
  • Educating patients to prevent re-occurrence of an injury.

Other treatments

  • Electrotherapy using techniques such as ultrasound and low-level laser therapy can help to stimulate the healing process and therefore reduce pain.
  • Manipulation can help to improve the range of movement in your joint. It’s not appropriate for every patient, but your physiotherapist will be able to advise whether it could be useful to you.