Primary Care

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Primary care is the initial point of contact between a patient and the healthcare system that provides individuals with access to the information and resources they need for optimal health outcomes.

Primary healthcare professionals typically work with many different patients and have broad knowledge about various physical, psychological and social ailments that may affect their patients.

What exactly is primary care?

Primary care incorporates several different kinds of healthcare services. One part of primary care focuses on wellness and prevention. To keep you healthy and free of disease, your primary care doctor will likely:

  • Take a careful look at your health history so they can determine what risk factors you may face
  • Offer vaccinations to keep you from catching a disease
  • Perform screenings so they can catch health issues early
  • Coach you on lifestyle changes you can make to stave off illness in the future

When to See Primary Care ?

Build a long-term relationship with your doctor when you visit them regularly for care. Count on your primary care for:

  • Routine checkups and health screenings
  • Preventive care, including flu shots and other vaccinations
  • Care of minor illnesses and injuries
  • Help managing chronic health conditions, like diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Referrals to specialty care, as needed

Benefits of primary health care include:

  • Improved quality of healthcare
  • Focus on preventive health
  • Early intervention to prevent health conditions from developing